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ContentCatcher®: MAIL ends the SPAM problem... Once and for all.   Discover our zero-Admin Managed Email Gateway Protection Service, the most cost effective way to deal with the SPAM problem, period.

If Success is your vision... VoyantStrategies is your plan!   Voyant Strategies, Inc., founded in 1996, designs and implements comprehensive and innovative IT solutions to solve business problems. We see through the technology and focus on success - your success.

Enhance Infrastructure: Manage your data efficiently and affordably with Voyant's integrated enterprise offerings, which include NetApp, Riverbed, Commvault, Varonis, and others.
Ensure Security: ContentCatcher®: NSM - See what's really going on in your network and respond to events quickly with Voyant's turnkey Network Security Monitoring solution.
Manage Spam: ContentCatcher®: MAIL - Achieve E-mail happiness in 24 hours without installing or configuring anything.

Next-Generation Firewall: Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls enable unprecedented visibility and control of applications and content - by user, not just IP address - at up to 20Gbps with no performance degradation. Organizations can now securely enable applications of all types - Web 2.0 or otherwise - while maintaining complete visibility and control and reducing TCO.